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Does Launch-time work? 

Well, yes!

Success Stories

Rueben B.

Resolution Mangaer, Brilliant Earth, Denver

Kristin helped me redirect my career from loan recovery service into technology support, which has taught me numerous new skills and positioned me for a growing career in a dynamic technology company. She completely revamped my resume and cover letter, and guided me towards the types of jobs and companies where she thought I'd have the quickest and best results. Since joining Brilliant Earth, I have also referred a number of friends to Kristin, who she's assisted in the same way. I appreciate her ongoing support of my network, who've also achieved success through her services.

Aubrey K

Media Relations Specialist, The Chickasaw Nation, Ada, OK

Kristin guided me through putting together my first communications portfolio, which complemented the resumes and cover letters she created for me. This helped me move past a typical college graduate resume, and allowed me to showcase my social media, on-air tv presence and public relations writing skills. My PR career is now off to a great start!

Davis N.

Inbound Operations Supervisor, Central Transport, Denver

I went straight into the Marine Corps from high school. After four years of service, I went to college on a military scholarship and studied History and Political Science. Unsure of what to do next, I sought Kristin's help in figuring out my future. She helped me see how to leverage what I'd done in the military for a civilian career. She coached me on how to present myself in my resume, LinkedIn, cover letters, phone interviews and in person. I was able to move from heavy equipment dispatch work and leadership in the National Guard to an offer of a leadership position in logistics - with multiple offers within two months of Launch-time coaching. My starting salary was above my expectations and I'm feeling more confident than ever that I will succeed outside the military. 

Jessy D

Enterprise Development, Adobe, Denver

I came out of college with a Business degree, not really sure what to do. I fell into technical recruiting, where I learned I was good at sales. However, I found I really didn't like sitting at a computer and on the phone all day. I'm a high energy person and I needed a new path that would get me out of the office, in front of people, and creating face-to-face relationships. I met with Kristin, who went over the types of business development opportunities that were out there, and how to reposition my resume towards technology sales. I'd been placing people into all sorts of cool companies so I knew of the companies, just not how to transition my skills into them. We worked on my resume and how to present myself through cover letters and interviews - and within a month I got three offers. I'm excited to be helping businesses organize their marketing technology needs so they can grow their businesses. My minor was in marketing, so this is the perfect fit.

Annie R

Photo Editor, Evolve Vacation Rental Network, Denver

I was an Environmental Sciences and Biology major with field internships in that area before and after I graduated. I was considering graduate school, but I was putting it off because I was uncertain about continuing in that direction. Kristin helped me refocus and direct my career goals towards what I really loved - photography. Spending all that time outside had allowed me to take photographs and develop a passion for all things related to photography and editing. We completely reoriented my resume, and I applied to be a photo editor at Evolve, where I get to review and edit photos of beautiful properties. As a side business, I sell my photographs through my personal website. Together, these two efforts have solidified my career goals. I'm so happy I met Kristin, and I am so grateful for her guidance to help me figure out where I really fit into the working world. 

Chelsea C

Principal Support Specialist - Strategy & Operations, Major Inbound Marketing Company, Philadelphia

Before I graduated, I knew very little about what I could do with a Communications degree. I'd had internships in corporate communications, where I wrote web content, but I really wasn't thrilled with the lack of human contact while writing all day. Kristin went over the variety of jobs available in corporations, and where my skills would fit in. She saw in me someone that thrived on developing personal relationships and revised the resume I'd put together with my school's career services department. This led to me securing an entry level support position at a top inbound marketing company, which has now evolved into a managerial position - building a support team and program, and training others. Kristin was so helpful on getting me off on the right foot with one of the best companies out there!

Grace M

Audio/Video Product Developer, Xfinity, Denver

I was an Electrical Engineering major but I was never that into being a heavy duty EE in industry. My interests were more in audio. Kristin coached me to look into the entertainment industry, and into companies where technology skills are valued. I landed an internship with Xfinity, which led to me learning about both the audio and video aspects of digital content. I'm now loving my job, where I test on-demand content for sound and visual integrity on major movies, tv shows and the Olympics. I get to work with other cool companies like Dolby and HBO, where I've met so many smart and interesting people. I have my dream job!

Ryan M

Support Team Lead, UpServe, Denver

I was a Finance major but was never very interested in working in a conservative finance office. I started working in restaurants in college, and after I graduated, got into restaurant management. After a couple of years I realized that wasn't for me either, and I felt a little lost. I met with Kristin, who went through the entire Launch-time process with me. She interviewed me for interests, dislikes and personal goals, and got a feel for my personality. She determined that where I'd fit in best was in an emerging tech company, where the culture was casual and the opportunity for growth would come quickly. We created a Launch-box together, and she steered me towards companies where I would be the most marketable and could make the easiest transition. I ended up with multiple interviews, and chose Upserve, as it blended my knowledge of restaurant management systems with the new environment of a start-up tech company. I was super excited to finally have found my path forward in my career, and I was promoted within the first year to a management role.

Alissa F

Ad Operations and Paid Social Coordinator, BuzzFeed, New York

Kristin took my resume in a whole new direction. The one I sent her was completely focused on what I'd accomplished in school and a chronological list of my internships. She turned it upside down, leading with a summary of what I was looking for in a position, and a table of my communications, technology, and research and reporting skills. My degree and activities moved to the bottom. For me, this was an eye-opener. I think that when you're in school, it's your whole world, and it's hard to put in perspective. Employers want to know what you can DO. I'm now at BuzzFeed because I put my technology skills - especially my HubSpot certification and my social media skills - in plain view. Thanks to Kristin for showing me how to enter into this growing area of marketing technology!

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