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About Kristin
& Launch-time

About Kristin

When I graduated from Lafayette College as an English Literature major (many years ago), I drifted. The only options for me appeared to be going into publishing or to graduate school. I didn't get much career advice besides that. My parents suggested that I get into "a training program in a big company," and I don't think any of us actually knew what that meant. I moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado, where I attended the University of Denver Publishing Institute, which got me an unpaid internship at a failing magazine. I then wrote ad copy for a small ad agency, but I was primarily answering phones. This led me to graduate school in creative writing - a great experience but not exactly income-bearing. Out of money, I took a job as a technical writer after I graduated, which I thought would be a terrible job. What I found instead was a well-paying position that taught me not only how to be a better writer, but also how I fit into the exciting world of start-up technology. From there, my career blossomed. 


I moved into managing technical writing and education departments, and then into marketing writing and leadership roles in marketing and communications. Along the way, I helped launch a healthcare technology company from a start-up to global success, marketed another start-up leading to its purchase within two years, rebranded a 100 year-old non-profit, increasing donor and program levels by 30% and winning an Emmy Award.


As a leader what I enjoyed most, however, was mentoring and coaching my employees, helping them reach their goals, redirecting them when necessary, and watching them succeed.  In 2015, I moved into marketing and branding consulting through The Snow Group, and found that I received a lot of requests for personal branding, particularly from young people who were unsure of how to enter into careers. In 2018, I created this Snow Group product offering, Launch-time

About Launch-time

Launch-time is a labor of love, borne out of my interest in helping people younger than myself find their way in the world without some of the confusion I felt when graduating. Launch-time is just me and my time - not some big consulting or head-hunting company. I work with students around the country, one-on-one from Denver, Colorado, and I travel to colleges and universities to give presentations to groups of students. For a nominal fee, I'm able to create a career-launching trajectory for my clients. At this stage in my life, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the results of my coaching and tools, and hearing the success stories of those I've helped through Launch-time.


Launch-time graduate, Grace, with her Xfinity co-workers loving her life in downtown Denver - sent to me as part of a thank you note!