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The perfect job is out there. Let's go find it. 

The transition from student to employee can be confusing, especially for students whose majors don't translate to a specific job. What are the jobs most in demand? How are companies structured? What do people in different departments and jobs actually do? How do knowledge, skills and interests translate to these jobs?


My name is Kristin Snow, and I can help. I work with new and near grads to determine the most viable career direction for them; I then help them create a job hunt "Launch-box," which includes a resume, a cover letter, an interview narrative and social profiles, as well as an organizational strategy to stay on top of applications and interviews. Throughout the job hunt process, I provide ongoing coaching to ensure they stay on track.

I also work with career centers at colleges and universities, giving presentations on how to approach job hunting. This is especially useful to Liberal Arts majors, who have a multitude of skills, but may be unaware of the well-paying jobs that are available and suited to them.